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The Story of Fuego Mobile Cigar Lounge

Our Story

In early 2019, two friends in Clearwater, Florida decided to combine their love for cigars, coffee and business into a new venture. With years in the cigar industry, Adam Pruitt had always had an urge to open a cigar lounge and bar. Nate Currin, a former touring musician and designer, also a cigar lover mentioned combining their love for cigars and coffee into a potential mobile business.

From this love Fuego Mobile Cigars was born. The Fuego Mobile Cigar trailer was custom built in Nashville in 2020 and made its way to Tampa Bay in the fall of that year. Despite setbacks from Covid, quarantine, delays in manufacturing, and business obstacles, Nate and Adam launched Fuego Mobile Cigar Lounge in September 2021. Be sure to stay up to date as the story evolves by signing up for email updates below. 

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    Idea & Inception

    In 2019 we had the brilliant idea for a mobile coffee bar and cigar humidor, which we named Fuego.

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    Custom Trailer Build

    We had our mobile bar custom built in Nashville during 2020 by our good friends at Aero Build. 

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    Business Launch!

    Though we've had many setbacks with Covid, a slow economy, health and more, we launched Fuego in the Fall of 2021! 

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What makes us different

We know the mobile business isn’t a new concept, even among cigars and tobacco. But what we’re doing differently is bringing craft cigars to the mobile business world along with coffee. Really good coffee.

Our goal is creating a unique experience for our guests and patrons. Along with the mobile lounge is an elegant setup of tables and chairs, rugs and decor, ashtrays and lanterns and more! A simple yet eye-catching mobile lounge that's the perfect addition to any wedding, event, or party. 

We’re combining our love for craft boutique cigars, good quality coffee and mobile business into one unique, mobile lounge and humidor.

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Tampa Bay's Premier Mobile Bar

Coffee & Cigars

Follow us to keep up with social events, bookings, special promotions and more. We would love to be a part of your next wedding, bachelor party, or corporate event; shoot us a message to see how we can help!